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TEAMS INVOLVED: Sales and Account Managers, IT and Data Management, Addressing and Intelligent Inserting Teams

Why They Needed Us

One of our clients in the insurance industry approached DNI about providing disaster recovery and business continuity services for their internal print and mail operations. We initially met with their group to discover how they were internally processing policyholder communications.

That collaboration resulted in DNI being able to deliver solutions that met that specific need and more:

Our client was concerned with weather related events in their immediate area, and felt it was wise to review options for partnering with an external service. The client asked DNI to provide DR services as a real time backup process in the event the client’s internal mail room was not able to operate. Once that plan was in place, DNI could also step in as needed to produce periodic files – during holidays, when staff was on vacation, or for overflow projects.
Our client had a goal of eventually outsourcing all of their print and mail processes. After gaining confidence in DNI’s abilities through the implementation of a DR solution, the client was ready to learn what else we could offer. Following a comprehensive review of DNI’s capabilities, including on-site visits and internal audits, the client was ready to engage with us on daily projects.
DNI and the client collaborated to develop and implement a fully outsourced production process with daily processing schedules and deliverables. This allowed the client to meet their goal of phasing out their internal equipment and labor associated with in-house print operations.

Solid Results

DNI moved quickly for the client, addressing their immediate needs to have a solid, reliable DR solution in place, and to feel confident that we could receive and process their file formats. After that, we took the time to evaluate their larger goal of outsourcing their printing operations. We were able to show them a seamless, cost effective way to reach that goal.

This insurance carrier has seen tremendous benefits through their partnership with DNI. The are comfortable working with DNI’s support team, and know that we understand the critical nature of the documents that are being processed, and the need for accuracy and timeliness in completing and delivering their mailings.