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Premium Graphics, Inc.

The Challenge

Premium Graphics, Inc. came to DNI seeking a partner that had a customizable platform and open lines of communication. Previous vendors Premium Graphics had worked with forced them to fit to a certain platform and did not allow any changes to be implemented, even when circumstances changed on a project. Vendors were also only able to be reached by email and took multiple days to respond. If Premium Graphics tried to contact one through the phone, a majority of the time it lead to leaving a voicemail, stalling the projects.

The Solution

As soon as Premium Graphics decided to transition the work, DNI customized their initial platform to fit the wants and needs of the projects they would be handling. A process was laid out for communication, with basic day-to-day contact going through email, and options for a phone call with a live person or setting up a conference call very quickly whenever needed. Both the customer service staff and IT staff are available to ensure satisfaction with all aspects of the relationship. 

The Results

The simplicity of the programming and overall platform has allowed Premium Graphics to grow their business while partnering with DNI. As seldom as it is with DNI, inevitably issues arise no matter the partner. To combat this, both the production and IT side fix the problem, putting steps in place to ensure it does not reoccur.

The ease of communication between Premium Graphics and DNI has greatly improved the quality of projects compared to previous vendors, along with alterations to said projects being implemented quickly. The bulk of communication is done over email due to the convenience and electronic record, but Premium Graphics is able to get a live person by phone or set up a conference call very quickly if the need does arise.

Premium Graphics and DNI have been partners for over 7 years and look to a bright future in the growth of both organizations.

“Our company has a very comfortable and strong relationship with DNI. They are really like family. It would be hard for me to say this if we didn’t continue to have a very positive experience.”

– Rob Wallace, President, Premium Graphics, Inc.