Customers today expect you to offer multiple forms of communication, and how you communicate directly affects customers’ loyalty. Statements, bills, letters, transactional communications, electronic bill presentment, output communications, direct mail, presort — we help you communicate in a variety of ways.
Making the time on the front end to create a communication strategy maximizes results. At DNI, our team of communication specialists builds a comprehensive strategy based your needs and objectives.
DNI’s multi-channel delivery model provides complete print and electronic solutions, which gives your customers greater flexibility to pay and respond while your organization gains improved efficiencies and stronger market presence.

Print & Mail


DNI’s integrated service model recognizes document delivery as an essential part of the billing and collections strategy. Allow DNI’s experts to provide a vision for adapting to your clients’ desired communication. Our multi-channel delivery model will provide print and electronic solutions that give your customers the flexibility to choose how they receive documents and make payments while providing improved efficiencies and cost savings to your organization.


Customize your data. Streamline the process. DNI’s exceptional printing environment achieves these goals with every project. We go further than the average mail merge to insert individual account references and purchase history, digitize signatures, and produce a multi-matched product with letter, envelope, and reply form.


DNI inserters are also equipped with software and camera systems that monitor every piece to ensure accuracy of every mailing. We specifically prevent double-stuffs as the camera system stops the insertion process if a piece is out of sequence. The sequence of the mail is predetermined from the postal processing that occurs during the cleansing process.


Consistent communication with your customers through mail delivery comes down to speed. With state-of-the-art facilities and being the largest client of the USPS in Tennessee, DNI has a USPS team on site, creating the fastest and most efficient mail delivery in Tennessee.

Electronic Presentment


More and more customer service teams and customers require round-the-clock access to statements, mail, bills, and documents online. Our web-based searching platform quickly locates specific transactions or mail pieces enabling PDF viewing within your browser, or as a PDF within a PDF default reader.


DNI connects to your current website through a Single Sign On environment. Your customers can enroll in a platform on your website that will provide access to their documents online and the ability to make payments. When a bill is ready for processing, the customer will receive an HTML based email with a link to the site. They can then log in and view current and historical documents, make payments, review previous payments, email support with any issues or questions, and choose their preferred communication channels.


DNI Corp provides you with the ability to deliver electronic documents directly into your customer’s inbox. The email body contains instructions and links to make a payment as well as any pertinent marketing information for your customers and includes an attached, encrypted document that would contain the replica of a printed document.
By delivering (‘push’) eBills directly in the customer’s inbox, companies can take control of eBill adoption, rather than waiting for customers to sign-up or fetch bills from a website. Combined with proven email collection strategies and opt-in / opt-out methodologies, the strategic ‘push’ dramatically increases paperless documents and electronic payments.

Online Payments


DNI’s online payment platform accepts multiple payment methods including credit card, debit card, and echeck. DNI supports recurring payments and instant, automatic email receipts to payers. Sensitive information is stored off-site and meets compliance standards.
Take payments 24 hours a day, receive payments faster, offer “auto pay” with credit and debit, and give customers Fast Payment Confirmation while minimizing risk as employees cannot see full credit card information.